What I Listen to While I Write

I’ve found that when I’m writing my book, nearly any type of noise distracts me. I can’t have the TV going {even in the background} and since I’m already such a musical person, playing music while I write is completely out of the question. So what do I do to keep myself from being distracted by any and all sounds the world around me makes while I’m trying to concentrate?

I listen to thunder and rain. It’s perfect for me, actually, as I absolutely love the rain anyway. Double win, because my book takes place in an overcast/mostly rainy setting. The soundtrack makes it perfect to get my mindset where the characters are- hearing what they might be hearing.

The best version of thunder and rain I’ve found is Relax With’s Thundering Rainstorm. The rain actually sounds like rain {instead of a cheap rainstick as so many often do}, and the thunder is perfectly spaced and sounds real. There are also a few bird sounds intermittently placed, which adds to its charm. I also love it because it doesn’t have any music enhancement- it’s strictly nature. {No, I am not trying to sell this product- I just love it and use it so often that I thought I’d share!} So if you’re looking for a good background soundtrack to write with, I encourage you to check this one out. It’s been around for a while, but it still tops my list.

What types of sounds/music do you listen to while writing? Do you prefer silence? I’d love to know your thoughts!



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11 responses to “What I Listen to While I Write

  1. I always listen to music when I write but of late its been distracting me. I wrote an entire novel listening to mostly David Bowie and when I write poetry I like listening to rap music, even though I don’t like rap that much. I like the sound of rain, but I think thunder would be distracting for me, personally. But I suppose each person’s boat floats on different things.

    • You know, I honestly thought the thunder would be distracting at first, too, but then I listened to it as I wrote, and it just worked for me and for the mindset I needed to be in. And while I love all music, I personally, get too distracted by it while I’m writing, so I think it’s completely awesome that it actually helped you. Music is so inspirational, I wish it didn’t end up distracting me! 🙂

      Thanks for sharing what works for you!

  2. Hey! Check out http://www.soaking.net You can get free instrumental soaking music with or without words. Might be something you would enjoy.

  3. I can’t seem to write or study with music on either. However, background noise works OK for me, like sitting in a caffee or something similar. You may find this useful, I sometime use it to relax. http://www.rainymood.com/
    Enjoy! :9

  4. When I write, I listen to rain storms, but my favorite is the ocean’s waves. It relaxes my brain and transports me to the world within my book. Keep that rain pounding down!

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