A Rainy Day Heart

RainyDayHeartThe misty, overcast day blanketing the world outside lends a soft glow of light around the edge of my closed curtains. It gives the room a darker, mysterious feel, as though something momentous is going on outside just out of my sight. I breathlessly make my way downstairs, hoping I know what I’ll find outside. I open the back door and smile as I discover the world outside has shifted into my favorite world of all. Mist hovers in the air all around, enveloping everything a few yards from me in every direction. The delicious aroma of the rain clings to the cool air and washes over my face. I step outside into it, allowing the rain to caress my skin with its refreshing goodness with each drop. I stand there, in the midst of it all with my eyes closed, listening to the soft sound of the rain meeting the earth and revel in the freshness it brings. I feel joy and contentment sweep over me as the world all around melts into my heart.

There is no other heart, like a rainy day heart.




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4 responses to “A Rainy Day Heart

  1. Beautifully written. I love rainy days. I especially love sitting at the window watching the tracks of the rain drops running down the window pane.

  2. How we love those rainy days that relax us and calm us with that soothing smell! This was so beautifully written, Tiffany. You are such an awesome descriptive writer. “Listen to the rhythm of the falling rain…”

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