The Boogeyman Under My Bed

There was a noise.

I opened my eyes to pitch-black darkness. My sleepy brain sluggishly tried to flip from dream world to reality. Slowly, my mind processed that a noise had awoken me.


My eyes flew wide open, my body instantly on alert. The scratch had come from under my bed.

All manner of childhood nightmares ran through my thoughts, each worse than the one before it. I told myself there was no such thing as monsters or the boogeyman. But then from under the bed…


My heart raced. Trying to calm my pulse, I reminded myself that Snowy was somewhere on the bed with me, snuggled up in the comforter and sheets. Knowing she was there, ready to defend me if necessary, I gathered my courage and grabbed the flashlight beside the bed.

Heart pounding, I turned on the flashlight, slowly, leaned over the edge of the bed and peeked.



*Apparently Snowy had decided to sleep under the bed. From now on, I’ll always check to make sure she’s on the bed with me, before freaking out about noises in the night.

Hopefully the next time, the boogeyman will be just as adorable.



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