20 Firsts in Life

I’ve always found it interesting to hear about first experiences in life- whether it’s simply a person’s first words, or that all-important first kiss. So I figured I’d share 20 of my firsts in life.

  1. First day of 1st grade – I slid down the giant gravel hill on my way down to recess and ended up with the nurse picking gravel out of my bloody knees. Great way to start school.
  2. First best friend – Her name is Susanna and we met when we were 4 years old. We’re still best friends, and she’s pretty awesome {In fact, she’s so awesome, she’ll be getting her own post on here later on…).
  3. First time I cheated – It was in 5th grade on a spelling test. I accidentally saw another kid’s answer, realized theirs was the correct one and wrote it down. My guilty conscience had me tearfully confessing to my teacher what I had done at the end of class. She was awesome- she reprimanded me, and then let me retake the test. I’ve never cheated since.
  4. First celebrity crush – Jason James Richter {from the Free Willy movies}. I was so in love with him when I was little.
  5. First CD I bought – Backstreet Boys’ first album, “Backstreet Boys.”
  6. First sport played – Soccer in 3rd grade, and my face got smashed by the ball. I still hate playing soccer to this day.
  7. First cell phone – I’m not sure many would consider this my actual first cell phone, but when I was a child, my parents bought me a flip brush- the kind that folds in the middle. It was the coolest thing to me because it reminded me of a cell phone, and therefore I used it as such {my imagination has always been huge}. I took that sucker everywhere with me, constantly making calls to the “seat belt patrol” when I noticed people not wearing their seat belts in passing cars. My parents still don’t let me forget it.
  8. First instrument played – Piano. I took lessons for several years as a kid until my teacher died {it was horrible as she and I were close}. I still play and love it.
  9. First humiliation – It was in 6th grade in P.E. during the health assessments. Since I had missed school the day before, my chart was naturally on top of the pile. My horribly insensitive P.E. teacher had the entire class gather around the huge old-school scale {with the big sliders} and called me up.  Of course, being a chubbier girl, I was absolutely humiliated as he moved the slider to show my weight while all my classmates hovered around. Many of them laughed and stared. It was awful, to say the least.
  10. First boy I liked – I met him in Kindergarten and his name was Joash. We were totally going to get married, live in a big house with a pool, and he was going to drive a red corvette. We were awesome like that. We stopped talking after 2nd grade, but we just recently got in touch, and I found out he got married and has a little girl. But he’ll always be the first boy who had my heart.
  11. First time playing laser tag – A few years ago, my best friend Amanda had her bachelorette party mixed with her now-husband’s bachelor party. We all went mini-golfing and played laser tag. It was boys vs. girls. For the record, let me say, no matter how good you might possibly be, do not play with guys who are expert shooters in the army. You will lose, just as all of us girls did. But it still rocked.
  12. First full sentence I spoke – It was actually on my 2nd birthday. My mom had just picked me up from preschool. We got inside the house and she asked me what had happened that day. I suppose after hearing my teachers say it so much {minus the “Mommy” part}, it was only natural that my first sentence was, “Mommy, you sit down right here now.” Needless to say my shocked mother did just that.
  13. First dance with a boy – It was in 9th grade at his birthday party. He and I, along with my best friend and a guy she liked, were the only ones slow dancing, so everyone was watching us. Even if it was a little odd with all eyes on us, it was perfect since he was the guy I liked, and my best friend had been dancing with the guy she’d liked. I even remember the song that had been playing.
  14. First concert – It was on a trip in Alaska when I was 14, and I got to see No Doubt. They rocked my socks.
  15. First accidental flash – It was on a roller coaster. My friends and I {several being guys} were riding one with a huge drop and my shirt just flew right up and over my face. I quickly pulled my shirt down and tried {we were speeding as it was a roller coaster} to look around to see if anyone saw. I’d been relieved that no one had. Unfortunately, as we got off the ride and were checking our picture the roller coaster camera had taken, I saw that the camera had naturally taken the shot just as my shirt had flown up. Yes, my bra had covered me but it was still completely embarrassing.
  16. First professional sporting event – It was a rodeo of the 8 second men in Texas. I even met Jim Sharp and Ty Murray. It was one big testosterone fest, and I loved it.
  17. First Pet –  A puppy I named Madison. He was an Alaskan Malamute. The people who’d sold him to us lied about his origins, and we later found out he was part wolf. He ended up being too overactive {nearly scratching my eye} and my parents were so worried about him hurting me that we were forced to give him up. I’ll never forget watching the truck drive away with Madison locked inside, knowing I’d never see him again.
  18. First time bullied – It was 6th grade in P.E. {yet again}. All the girls were pushing and shoving each other, trying to get into the locker room to change and get back out on time. One girl pushed me from behind, and I ended up pushing/nearly falling on a girl in front of me. She was one of the mean gangster girls and didn’t take it kindly. She decided several times during that year that I needed to be cursed at and then shoved without warning. It was not a good year.
  19. First kiss – It was from {kindergarten crush} Joash – I think in 2nd grade – while at his house. He kissed me right on the cheek, and I thought I’d die I was so happy.
  20. First performance – It was at my preschool’s Christmas performance. We all had “instruments,” and I was given two bells to shake. We actually have a video of me and another kid beside me standing up and shaking our bells just like we were supposed to while all the rest of the kids crawled around on the floor, crying, distracted, and ignoring their “instruments.” We still laugh at my expression as I glanced at the others on the floor. I apparently thought they were idiots.

Do any of you have any interesting firsts from your life? I’d love to hear your stories!



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4 responses to “20 Firsts in Life

  1. First wine:
    I was on a camping trip in Northern Arizona, near Seligman, when I was 15 with my dad, and some of his friends from work. Everyone was in charge of a meal (I got breakfasts, because I was the youngest, and underage–the idea was that I wouldn’t be hungover and could make everyone coffee). My dad’s crazy-awesome Italian friend Dan decided to make for us spaghetti, as he put it, “in the field.”

    He made the sauce from scratch, chopping up a myraid of veggies, crushing them, pureeing them, with nothing more than simple tools, before putting them in a pot and stirring them up in the camp stove. He pulled out a bottle of chianti from his truck, and poured half of it into the sauce, and then handed me the bottle, saying, “Here Cody, be a good lad and finish this off for me.” Being a good kid, I asked my dad first; deep into his second jack and coke, he replied meditatively, “Well, you are under what passes for adult supervision out here, so go ahead.”

    I grew up watching Frasier (it was my favorite show growing up, oddly enough), so I had a rough idea of how to approach a glass of wine. So I poured some into a red solo cup. Classy. And sipped. It was delicious. I had a second cup with the spaghetti, and to this day it is STILL the most delicious pasta meal I’ve ever had. It was the third cup, though, that did it.

    It was about 9:30 PM, and we were settled meditatively around the campfire as it slowly burned itself out, snapping and crackling as juniper wood does in the presence of a slow flame. Coyotes and owls were calling out in the distance, and the smell of juniper smoke filled my nose, mingling with the rich aroma of the last cup of chianti I had just poured. Suddenly, there was a gasp from one of the guys: “LOOK UP!”

    It just so happened that my first time trying wine coincided with a camping trip to one of the areas of Arizona with the darkest night skies…and the first Aurora Borealis seen in Arizona in almost 80 years.

    I took a drink, and muttered to myself: “Crap. I’ve peaked at 15.”

    It was pretty much this experience that eventually led to me working in the wine industry. (I haven’t told my dad’s friend I blame him for this yet. I probably should one of these days,)

    • Haha. That’s awesome. What a story of how you got a first taste of your industry. (But are you really sure you actually saw the Aurora Borealis and not just a little fantasy of color thanks to your classy red solo cup?) 🙂
      Thanks for sharing, Cody!

      • Pretty sure! 😉

        (Mostly since my high school science teacher when I got back to school the next week did a lecture on them, opening with, “So, did any of you see the Aurora on Saturday night?” *hand shoots up* )

      • That’s great! I’ve only ever seen it once, and it was just for a few seconds on a plane from Alaska.

        But it still counts! 🙂

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