Childhood Animated Movies that Scarred Me

We all have those movies we watched when we were children. We also all have those movies we watched when we were children that horribly scared and terrified us to death. This post is exactly that- my own childhood-scarring list. So, hold on tight and get ready to relive some childhood trauma with me.


First, there is the sad:

1. Fox and the Hound – Leaving Todd

If watching her drive off, leaving Todd at that game preserve doesn’t break your heart, I don’t know what would. I still can’t watch this movie.


2. The Land Before Time Littlefoot’s mom’s death

Because of this scene, I’ve only ever seen this movie once. And that’s not about to change any time soon.


3. The Lion King Mufasa’s death

I’m pretty sure everyone that’s ever seen this move felt their heart fall right along with Mufasa.

And then felt it get trampled on, too. Repeatedly. {Go ahead and run to your dad and give him a big hug}


4. Bambi Bambi’s mom’s death

After Bambi’s mother was shot and killed by the hunters, I refused to watch the rest of the movie. I still have yet to finish it and am just fine with that.


5. Dumbo Dumbo’s mom’s confinement

I was so little when I first saw this movie, I didn’t understand why they locked up Dumbo’s mom. Yeah, I get it now. She kind of went berserk protecting her baby. But still. It felt way harsh locking her up and labeling her as mad.

And the song Baby Mine? Still can’t.


6. Peter Pan Mr. Darling throwing out Nana

It’s like, c’mon, Mr. Darling! Nana’s just doing what you as parents are supposed to be doing. And yet you punish her for getting the sympathy.

Poor Nana. She even gives Mr. Darling the rope to tie her up with. Psh.


7. Alice in Wonderland The Walrus and the Carpenter

This may be one that didn’t scar you like it did me, but watching this scene was the first time I’d ever been introduced to predatorily deceitful characters. I literally remember feeling shocked that the Walrus actually ate the sweet young oysters in the end. In my little childhood world, things like that just didn’t happen.


8. Cinderella The stepsisters ripping up Cinderella’s dress

This may be another one that didn’t get you. But it sure did me. It felt so violent when they ripped up her dress. WITH HER STILL IN IT! Did this not bother anyone else as a child?


Second, there’s the characters I hated:

9. Cinderella Demon Cat Lucifer

This was the first cat I ever remembering seeing {including real life}. Lucifer was absolutely awful and horrible in everything he did. I couldn’t stand him, even as a child.


10. Lady and the Tramp The Evil Twins The Siamese Cats

Just looking at them, even now, I feel instantly annoyed. It was distressing to me watching them get Lady into trouble while getting none of the blame themselves. Just awful! {And perhaps, now I know why I’m not such a huge cat fan…}



11. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Snow White running through the haunted forest

Creepy, creepy forest. It was bad enough the girl was almost killed by a guy she trusted. Then she found out her stepmom was the one that actually told him to murder her. But her run through the nightmarish forest was just salt to the wound. AND FEAR INTO MY HEART!


12. The Little Mermaid Ursula’s death

This scared me to death as a child. Just seeing her skeletal form as she’s electrocuted with the lightning behind her and everything. Terrifying.


13. The Little Mermaid The unnecessary shark chase

I still don’t understand why this was necessary. It terrified me as a kid. The first time I watched it, I was totally convinced Ariel and Flounder were going to die. Spoiler: They don’t!


14. Aladdin Cave of Wonders

I know, you’d think it’d be a cool scene what with the dude having an earring and all, but it’s not. It’s really his voice that freaked me out the most. Even now, whenever I see a picture of this thing, “Who disturbs my slumber?” echoes through my head in that deep, creepy voice.



15. Fantasia Chernabog

Beyond bone-chillingly scary and evil-looking. It’s like a scene from a horror film rather than a children’s movie.


16. FernGully Hexxus

I could hardly watch this as a kid. I don’t know what it was about the boiling/ bubbliness of Hexxus, but it utterly terrified me.


17. The Black Cauldron The Horned King

Look at the guy. ‘Nuff said.


18. Little Nemo: Adventures in Slumberland Nightmare King

What is with the villains being black boiling blobs of TERROR!?

That is, until they take full form and end up even more terrifying than the original black blobs.


19. Sleeping Beauty Maleficent Dragon

She was already creepy. So why not make her even scarier and turn her into a gigantic dragon? Oh right, because it frightens little children to death {especially with that greenish magic all around her…even creepier}.


And last, but not least, the TRULY BIZARRE:

20. Dumbo Pink elephants on parade

As weird and bizarre as this scene was, it totally and completely freaked me out as a child. I’ve always had an imagination, but I don’t think this even falls under imagination. More like a trippy hallucination. I wonder how the animators thought this scene up….

And, if you’re like me, you just relived some awful childhood moments. So here is a little Muppet Christmas Carol goodness to send you off with.




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6 responses to “Childhood Animated Movies that Scarred Me

  1. Love this list!! I find most of these movies are really sad as well. Dumbo, The Lion King, Bambi… But I still loved them. Thanks for the look back.

    Have a fantastic weekend!
    Love, L.

    • Thanks for reading, it! I still love most of those movies, too. It’s easier watching most of them as an adult and being able to really understand them, whereas when you’re a child, it’s just too much for the imagination to sort through!

      Thank you, and I hope you’re having a fantastic weekend as well.

  2. I agree, I always cried watching those animated as there is always a sad bit in it. I also cry when there is a happy ending again. Even if I watch them now I cry. Sad but true….. anything emotional, I am off. That is really why I prefer comedies. 🙂

    • They do seem to all have something horribly sad in them, don’t they?! I guess they’re trying to hit our emotional bone- be it in a happy or sad way. So, I’m thinking you’ve got the right idea sticking with the comedies. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  3. Disney’s Snow White scared the h*ll out of me. I first saw it as an adult and could barely finish watching it.

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