May I Hide the Red Seven Up from the Duck as I Tag the Musical Donkey?

I grew up in the distant past of the pre-cell phone era. It was a simpler time when children did not have cell phones to entertain themselves with. So what did we have to amuse ourselves with?

We had mind-blowingly awesome games, that’s what we had.

In fact, there are so many- and so many versions of each game- that the list would seemingly be endless. So instead, I’ll list my own personal favorites from childhood {and quite possibly still now}.


We had the outdoor games:

1) Hide-and-seek – My own personal favorite game as a child. The thrill of wondering will they find me? and frantically searching for a stealthy place to hide was just so awesome. Every single time. I’m still up for this game, even today. {Gotta let the inner child out!}

2) Duck, Duck, Goose – Remember that instant rush of adrenaline when you were finally picked and had to race to catch them? And remember that one kid that always ran a little too slow so he could stay the picker? {so annoying…}

3) Mother May I? – Everyone always wanted to be the Mother. I mean, holding the entire decision of who wins right in the palm of your hand? Major power trip.

4) Red Rover – This was a game I absolutely loved as a kid, though it did present some problems for girls once they started “maturing.” Plus, there was always that one jerk kid who liked to clothesline the oncoming kid right in the throat. But over-all, it was awesome. Bonus when you got to hold the hand of your crush!


And the nighttime/blackout games:

5) Flashlight Tag – You’re in the dark. You’re maneuvering around like a ninja trying to avoid the flashlight beam. Your heart’s racing knowing that at any moment you might get caught. What’s not to love!?


Then we have the party games:

6) Musical Chairs – It never even mattered to me what the music was, I was always so intent on getting a chair! Nothing like being a kid and having to split your focus between the chair you needed to grab first and the person whose hand was hovering over the boombox pause button. Talk about strategy.

7) Pin the Tail on the Donkey – This one seems to get a lot of slack, but I always loved it. Plus, it was so fun to see how far off some of the others {and even yourself, too} ended up. Bonus that they have all kinds of adorable and awesome variations of the game that aren’t just a donkey!


And last, but not least, the rainy day school favorite games:

8) Heads Up, Seven Up – This game was always the hit of the class. Everyone was always dying to feel their own thumb get pressed and nearly got giddy when it did happen. Bonus that it had a game within the game- figuring out who was wearing the pair of shoes you totally cheatingly saw when they picked you!

I have so many good memories from playing these games. What were your favorite games growing up? Any that weren’t on my list? I’d love to hear from you!




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9 responses to “May I Hide the Red Seven Up from the Duck as I Tag the Musical Donkey?

  1. Man from Mars calling all the stars of the color….RED! Then everyone wearing red runs across and the Man from Mars tags them. Tagged kids sit down and become obstacles in the field who can reach out and tag runners. Last one standing is the new Man from Mars.

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