Thankful for the Small Things

There are many things, that as we busily go about our daily lives, we forget completely about. We get so caught up in the “big things”- things we deem ultimately important- that the small things go unnoticed, and worse, unappreciated.

We run around, trying to get all of our errands done and are frustrated {and far from grateful} when we don’t finish them in time. But what about the fact that we can walk at all when so many others are bound in wheelchairs? We’re constantly trying to beat deadlines, lots of times only able to “grab a bite to eat” and feel frustrated that we didn’t have time for a full meal. But what about the fact that we have food to eat at all when so many others are starving? We get frustrated even when our favorite shows aren’t updated on Netflix or aren’t recorded correctly on our DVRs. But what about the fact that we even have electricity to watch these things with when so many others can’t afford to pay the electric bill? These are the small things we take for granted. We’re constantly living life without remembering to be grateful for the life we’re living.

That is a lesson I was reminded of today when our air conditioning unexpectedly went out. Air conditioning- it’s one of those small things you don’t really think much about until it’s gone. But it’s something I value very highly as heat has never been something my body functions in very well. In fact, heat is the thing that drains me of my energy faster than anything else. So when the temperatures went into the triple digits today and I was without air conditioning, I was absolutely miserable and hot.

But then I was reminded of the small things I take for granted, and tried to find something to be grateful for about the situation. That was when I realized that while the air conditioning wasn’t blowing cool air, it was still blowing. Which means that instead of the house being eighty-nine degrees, it could’ve easily climbed to one hundred. {In which case, my body might’ve stopped functioning all together.} I was also reminded, without the lack of cool air, that we still have electricity and fans. Thank you Lord for fans!

So until the repair men show up tomorrow to fix it, I will sit here in my hot house feeling grateful for the roof above my head and the many fans blowing directly on me. I encourage you to look into your life and give a little extra appreciation for the small things that might have otherwise gone unnoticed. Who knows, maybe you’ll even find a small blessing you hadn’t even realized you’d been given.




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2 responses to “Thankful for the Small Things

  1. Thank you for a reminder we all need from time to time!

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