Errors Here, Errors There, Errors Everywhere!

The written word is everywhere- in commercials, on signs, on posters, on marquees, etc. It’s everywhere. But as I write my books and continue editing, I have noticed the written word in the world more and more. And what’s alarming is that I have actually noticed the written word in the world is more and more misspelled or incorrect.

I guess it makes sense. You spend all your time writing and/or editing and you’re bound to see words more as they are supposed to be and less the misspelled way. At least, this is what has happened to me. Now when I see signs and things misspelled or incorrect, they’re actually glaringly obvious.

Do you notice this as well, or is it just me?




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3 responses to “Errors Here, Errors There, Errors Everywhere!

  1. To err is human. To criticize the errors is human, too. 🙂

    • I completely agree. I make errors constantly! I only meant that I’m actually noticing the errors out in the world. I know a lot of them have always been out there, it’s just that they’ve seemed to go unnoticed by me. I guess the writer in me is finally opening her eyes out there in the world of signs, marquees and things now! 🙂

  2. At one of my old jobs, there was a sign that said “Out of sevice area”. Bugged me so much. mostly because it MADE no sense for that sign to be there in the first place!

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