Writing/Book Pet Peeves: Instant Love

I love reading about love in books. I’m not sure there are many girls that don’t. But I feel there’s something disappointing about having your two main characters share an instant love. Sure, I think instant attraction is great, but that’s completely different than instant love. I enjoy reading about the characters falling in love- to watch and see it develop before you is where I think the magic is. As a reader, I tend to feel a bit cheated when the love storyline is instant- when we’re told they’re in love rather than seeing it unfold for myself.

I also think it’s a disadvantage to the story, as I personally feel you get to know the characters and root for the love story if you live it with them. So not only do I prefer to read books that build on the love story instead of already having it established, but I also find myself gravitating toward writing that way as well.

Do you feel this way, too, or do you prefer to already have the love storyline in place? And do you feel differently about it as a reader than you do as a writer? I’d love to hear your thoughts and opinions!




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2 responses to “Writing/Book Pet Peeves: Instant Love

  1. Oh thank you for feeling this way. Sometimes (very rarely) I can over look this. But most the time I’m like “Well wasn’t that easy.You sure you don’t want to know one thing about each other before you proclaim love? No? Well aren’t you simple…” I instantly find the characters stupid and it tends to destroy the rest of the book for me.

    • I completely agree with you! I’ve only ever seen “instant love” actually work in one book series- and that was only because the main character began to question if she was truly in love or if she was just falling into the relationship she simply thought she was supposed to be in (everyone was telling her they were meant to be and that they’d been in love with each other over many, many lifetimes). But that was the only time I’ve felt the idea of instant love actually worked- it just needed the twist.

      Glad I’m not the only one with this pet peeve! 🙂

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