Twenty-Sixth Bliss

This past weekend marked a very large event in my life. My best friend, Philicia, gave birth to her first child- a son named Elijah Edward Parker. As adorable as his name is, he’s even that much more adorable himself.

I’ll never forget walking into her hospital room this last Saturday. It was like time stopped when my eyes fell on him, quickly followed by a wave of joyous emotion. Needless to say, his Aunt Tiffany was a crying pile of goo.

And then I got to hold him.

That precious little boy, only six hours old, stole my heart. I’d prayed for him before he was even a thought in his parents’ minds, and to hold him in my arms, seeing him for the first time, is something I’ll always cherish.

My mother shared with me that his birthday, the twenty-sixth, was my actual due date. Of course, I came one week early, but I’m beyond thrilled to share my birthday month with this new little guy. I’m also beyond honored to have been the first non-family member to have held him {although, Philicia and I consider each other like sisters}.

I am so proud of my best friend, for being brave and persevering through a c-section and all she did to bring him safely into the world. She’s one incredible woman, and now she has one incredible son.

God is so good.



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