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A Rainy Day Heart

RainyDayHeartThe misty, overcast day blanketing the world outside lends a soft glow of light around the edge of my closed curtains. It gives the room a darker, mysterious feel, as though something momentous is going on outside just out of my sight. I breathlessly make my way downstairs, hoping I know what I’ll find outside. I open the back door and smile as I discover the world outside has shifted into my favorite world of all. Mist hovers in the air all around, enveloping everything a few yards from me in every direction. The delicious aroma of the rain clings to the cool air and washes over my face. I step outside into it, allowing the rain to caress my skin with its refreshing goodness with each drop. I stand there, in the midst of it all with my eyes closed, listening to the soft sound of the rain meeting the earth and revel in the freshness it brings. I feel joy and contentment sweep over me as the world all around melts into my heart.

There is no other heart, like a rainy day heart.




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What I Listen to While I Write

I’ve found that when I’m writing my book, nearly any type of noise distracts me. I can’t have the TV going {even in the background} and since I’m already such a musical person, playing music while I write is completely out of the question. So what do I do to keep myself from being distracted by any and all sounds the world around me makes while I’m trying to concentrate?

I listen to thunder and rain. It’s perfect for me, actually, as I absolutely love the rain anyway. Double win, because my book takes place in an overcast/mostly rainy setting. The soundtrack makes it perfect to get my mindset where the characters are- hearing what they might be hearing.

The best version of thunder and rain I’ve found is Relax With’s Thundering Rainstorm. The rain actually sounds like rain {instead of a cheap rainstick as so many often do}, and the thunder is perfectly spaced and sounds real. There are also a few bird sounds intermittently placed, which adds to its charm. I also love it because it doesn’t have any music enhancement- it’s strictly nature. {No, I am not trying to sell this product- I just love it and use it so often that I thought I’d share!} So if you’re looking for a good background soundtrack to write with, I encourage you to check this one out. It’s been around for a while, but it still tops my list.

What types of sounds/music do you listen to while writing? Do you prefer silence? I’d love to know your thoughts!


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