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Writing/Book Pet Peeves: Instant Love

I love reading about love in books. I’m not sure there are many girls that don’t. But I feel there’s something disappointing about having your two main characters share an instant love. Sure, I think instant attraction is great, but that’s completely different than instant love. I enjoy reading about the characters falling in love- to watch and see it develop before you is where I think the magic is. As a reader, I tend to feel a bit cheated when the love storyline is instant- when we’re told they’re in love rather than seeing it unfold for myself.

I also think it’s a disadvantage to the story, as I personally feel you get to know the characters and root for the love story if you live it with them. So not only do I prefer to read books that build on the love story instead of already having it established, but I also find myself gravitating toward writing that way as well.

Do you feel this way, too, or do you prefer to already have the love storyline in place? And do you feel differently about it as a reader than you do as a writer? I’d love to hear your thoughts and opinions!




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Errors Here, Errors There, Errors Everywhere!

The written word is everywhere- in commercials, on signs, on posters, on marquees, etc. It’s everywhere. But as I write my books and continue editing, I have noticed the written word in the world more and more. And what’s alarming is that I have actually noticed the written word in the world is more and more misspelled or incorrect.

I guess it makes sense. You spend all your time writing and/or editing and you’re bound to see words more as they are supposed to be and less the misspelled way. At least, this is what has happened to me. Now when I see signs and things misspelled or incorrect, they’re actually glaringly obvious.

Do you notice this as well, or is it just me?



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Writing/Book Pet Peeves: Sliding Multiple Narratives

I love books. There are not many in my favorite genres that I don’t like. But, that being said, I do have a few issues with the writing in books, and sometimes, with the book itself. As I’m sure, do we all. So I’m making a series of posts about these pet peeves of mine.

The first one I want to talk about {and is the most frustrating to me} is when the author slides multiple narratives within the same chapter- or even worse, within the same paragraph. It’s disorienting, confusing, and pulls you out of the scene.

One of the last books I just finished reading constantly did this. It was like a battle of the viewpoints- back and forth, back and forth within the same chapter, and sometimes within the same paragraph. While I still loved the characters and it had a pretty good plot, this little annoyance became very frustrating and ended up diminishing the book’s lovability.

Now, on the other side of it, I know there are many books out there which are amazing that do that very thing. In fact, one of my favorite books {East} did just that- with the exception of limiting each chapter to only one narrative. In my opinion, that is the best way to approach multiple narratives. Not only is it much, much less confusing for the reader, but I feel you get to know the characters in a nice, neat packaged way.

Do sliding multiple narratives bother any of you as well, or do you actually prefer it? I’d love to hear your opinions!


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The Title or the Story: Which came first?

It’s something I find interesting to hear from other authors. Did your story stem from the title you came up with, or did your title inspire the story in the first place?

Some create their new world full of characters that’s all their own, and the title stems from the story itself. Others become inspired by their title, and the story starts from there, taking on a life of its own.

For my book, it was the story that inspired the title, though I wasn’t even thirty pages in when the title hit me full force out of nowhere. It helped inspire the story even further and ended up foreshadowing a theme I hadn’t even realized I’d begun.

Has that happened to you, or are you still stumped with what to name your work? I’d love to hear your stories and thoughts on this, fellow authors!



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And The Editing Begins…

I have now come to the editing point in my manuscript. I’ve been having a difficult time getting started as my manuscript is 499 pages and seems beyond overwhelming.

I can’t help but find it a bit ironic. When I first began writing, I had a difficult time not constantly editing and re-editing, and had to force myself to let it go and continue writing the story. Now it’s the opposite. My story is written, but I’m now going to have to force myself to start editing.

It all seems overwhelming, but I know I need to dive in and just start the process. I’m hoping if I break it down into sections, it will help with the overwhelming undertaking of it all.

Have any of you had this problem? What is your approach to editing? I’d welcome any and all advice you’d like to share!



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A Rainy Day Heart

RainyDayHeartThe misty, overcast day blanketing the world outside lends a soft glow of light around the edge of my closed curtains. It gives the room a darker, mysterious feel, as though something momentous is going on outside just out of my sight. I breathlessly make my way downstairs, hoping I know what I’ll find outside. I open the back door and smile as I discover the world outside has shifted into my favorite world of all. Mist hovers in the air all around, enveloping everything a few yards from me in every direction. The delicious aroma of the rain clings to the cool air and washes over my face. I step outside into it, allowing the rain to caress my skin with its refreshing goodness with each drop. I stand there, in the midst of it all with my eyes closed, listening to the soft sound of the rain meeting the earth and revel in the freshness it brings. I feel joy and contentment sweep over me as the world all around melts into my heart.

There is no other heart, like a rainy day heart.



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What I Listen to While I Write

I’ve found that when I’m writing my book, nearly any type of noise distracts me. I can’t have the TV going {even in the background} and since I’m already such a musical person, playing music while I write is completely out of the question. So what do I do to keep myself from being distracted by any and all sounds the world around me makes while I’m trying to concentrate?

I listen to thunder and rain. It’s perfect for me, actually, as I absolutely love the rain anyway. Double win, because my book takes place in an overcast/mostly rainy setting. The soundtrack makes it perfect to get my mindset where the characters are- hearing what they might be hearing.

The best version of thunder and rain I’ve found is Relax With’s Thundering Rainstorm. The rain actually sounds like rain {instead of a cheap rainstick as so many often do}, and the thunder is perfectly spaced and sounds real. There are also a few bird sounds intermittently placed, which adds to its charm. I also love it because it doesn’t have any music enhancement- it’s strictly nature. {No, I am not trying to sell this product- I just love it and use it so often that I thought I’d share!} So if you’re looking for a good background soundtrack to write with, I encourage you to check this one out. It’s been around for a while, but it still tops my list.

What types of sounds/music do you listen to while writing? Do you prefer silence? I’d love to know your thoughts!


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